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SmileLife Teeth Impression Kit
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4 Impression Trays & Putties
Smile Stretcher & Selfie Light
FREE Virtual Consultation with Dental Professional
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The SmileLife Process In 48 Seconds
3- Step Process to Straighter Teeth
At-home Impression Kit.
Order an at-home kit and take a few minutes to make your impression. You also can visit one of our clinics to talk to a dental professional.
Dentist Prescribes Your Treatment.
A dentist will create a digital treatment plan with your scanned impressions or 3D Scan showcasing your before and after results.
Track your progress & Better Smile!
We will remotely track your progress through the app and you will receive your clear aligners shipped directly to your door.
Why Choose SmileLife


Premium Whitening
6 month Treatment Time
Remote App Tracking
Dentist Prescribed
Support 6 Days a week
Results Guaranteed
Invisible Treatment
4 Reasons to Smile with us
Dentist Prescribed
IE registered dentist or orthodontist will create your Treatment Plan and prescribe your treatment.
Results Guaranteed
If your treatment plan results are not achieved, we will send you more aligners for FREE until it's matched.
Treatment Tracking
Our iOS & Android app gives you the ability to track your treatment with check-ins that a dental professional reviews to ensure you are on the right track always.
Remote support
If you encounter any issues, we are just a video call away to give you live help with any part of the process.
Real Customers, Real Results
We guarantee straighter teeth for all customers
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the SmileLife treatment process?
What makes SmileLife better?
It’s simple - we love our customers and prove that love with a 5 star customer support team, a treatment tracking app and remote support in treatment. We have so many systems in place that ensure you’re happy with your service and smile from the start until the end of your treatment.
What are SmileLife clear aligners?
Our Clear Aligners are plastic moulds of your teeth made using SmileLife technology. They apply gentle pressure to your teeth and straighten your smile in an average of 6 months.
Can you do SmileLife treatment at night?
Yes. We offer NightLife Clear Aligners. You can select this option when talking with a member of our team in the 3D scan or Impression Kit process.
How do SmileLife aligners work?
Good question! Our aligners work by gradually applying gentle, painless pressure to the front 8 teeth. This pressure slowly moves your teeth into alignment and leaves you with your new, straighter smile.
Does my treatment come with a guarantee?
Absolutely and we call it the Smile Guarantee. If you follow each of our guidelines and comply with all Dental Consultant directions but your teeth don’t match your Treatment Plan, then we’ll provide you with additional treatment at no extra cost.
What are SmileLife aligners made of?
Our aligners are made of a durable, BPA free plastic that has been approved by all relevant regulatory bodies in the countries of sale.
Are SmileLife aligners cut straight across?
Yes. This allows your aligners to have the maximum grip and apply the maximum amount of force needed to straighten your teeth.
How do I know if SmileLife treatment will work for me?
We can help 98% of people with teeth alignment. Order an Impression kit with zero risk due to our 100% money back suitability guarantee, if you order a kit and find out your are not suitable your impression kit will be refunded in full. You can also have a FREE 3d scan to find out in person the types of results we can achieve with your smile. With the treatment itself you are guaranteed to get free extra treatment until the results are achieved and you will even see a treatment plan before starting!
How old do you need to be for treatment?
For SmileLife treatment we recommend that you be 18 years old. The reason for this is that some people don’t lose all their baby teeth until their late teens.
Does SmileLife treatment correct overcrowding?
If you have mild to moderate overcrowding then yes. For severe overcrowding there will not be enough space to move your teeth. A SmileLife Dental Consultant will be able to best advise you on this matter.
Does SmileLife treatment correct gaps?
Yes we can absolutely close gaps - but if you have missing teeth then we cannot fill the space left behind.