Now it's time to protect your investment. Join SmileCare to get a bi-annual oral kit including your retainers, whitening, replacement toothbrush heads & more!
Lifetime Guarantee
In order to maintain your Smile For Life guarantee purchasing SmileCare is required.

Aftercare retainers stop your teeth from moving out of place.
What does it include?
Every 6 months you will receive a new SmileCare kit delivered to your door.
Retainers & Replaced every 6 months
Keep your teeth in place by wearing aftercare retainers while you sleep. Normally a retainer will cost you €200 each. It’s a smart way to protect your investment so you can Smile confidently for Life.
Value : €400
Shine whitening top-ups
Keep your pearly whites looking beautiful all the time, wherever you go with your at-home whitening kit.
Value : €150
Electric toothbrush & heads
For your first subscription to SmileCare, we will love to send you an electric toothbrush to help you maintain your new smile.
We recommend changing your toothbrush heads every 3 months. Don't worry we got you covered!
Value : €50
Retainer Case & CarePouch
Enjoy your SmileLife travel bag. It's perfect for keeping all your tools safe & sound while you are travelling to show off your new smile.
Remote Dental Support
Remote dental support 6 days a week. We are always here to make you smile!
You pay just €197!
Three payment options
Please note: By purchasing SmileCare, you are confirming you have completed your treatment plan.
1 Year
Annual Subscription
Join the subscription price of €197 per year to receive your SmileCare package every 6 months.
3 Years
Upfront (No subscription)
Save €50
Don't like subscriptions?
Join SmileCare & receive a total of 6 packages every 6 months to maintain your smile.
5 Years
Upfront (No subscription)
Best Value
Save €200
Best deal and biggest savings
Join SmileCare & receive a total of 6 packages every 6 months to maintain your smile.
BUY Aftercare Retainers Individually
per arch (4 required per year)
Do I have to wear an aftercare retainer after my aligner treatment?
After SmileLife aligner treatment, or any other orthodontic treatment you must wear a retainer to maintain your results and keep your teeth from moving back to their original position. Let’s keep Smiling for Life!
How often should I wear my aftercare retainer?
You need to wear your retainer 22 hrs a day for the first 2 months, and then just while you sleep! 💤
How many retainer replacements do I receive a year?
As a SmileCare customer, you will automatically receive a free replacement kit every 6 months so you can freshen up all your tools.
How much is a replacement retainer?
If your dog eats your retainer or you lose it while moving house, life happens! As a SmileCare customer, we will offer the retainer at a discounted rate of €55 per arch. Order here
Do I need to perform IPR or take my check-in photos?
No, the hard work is done. Your teeth are fully aligned, the goal now is to just keep them that way! It’s super easy, just wear your retainer as prescribed.
How much is a Single Arch SmileCare subscription?
Unfortunately, the Single arch SmileCare is not cheaper as the dental team put in the same amount of time working on your case. As we want to see you smile, you will receive an extra replacement retainer for that arch for free.
Can I smoke while wearing my retainer?
We do not recommend smoking as it might cause bad breath, the aligner to discolour which will reduce the cuteness of your new smile.
Join the Life with SmileCare
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